Lauren Hardy Photography believe’s there is magic in finding beauty in all life’s details. We use photography as a means to remember your most important life events. Through film she captures your special moments even as the small details begin to fade from your memory. By finding stunning light and quiet moments our goal is to solidify your stories in ways that you will cherish forever. We aren’t  just working to deliver a product, we are working through a process of discovery, that leaves you with an incredible experience. At the end of your journey with us,  you will hold these memories for all your days to come

“We feel like the beauty of photography is that it can tell a story in a moment that sometimes there just aren’t words for.”

Our focus is making our couples feel comfortable in front of the camera, using flow posing through a variety of different techniques. We strive to capture real “in-between” moments in their rawest form. We want you to sit back, relax and let Lauren Hardy Photography tell your story.